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Feng Shui course

Throughout the years, people asked me what is this nonsense?
 What does energy have to do with where I sleep? Do you really believe in energies?
Years I fought to prove to everyone that I was right.

Years I fought to share what I knew that could help others, I wanted to heal the world. I knew, an inner knowledge that got an approval in every home and person I touched, that things can be done differently.
Nowadays I invite to connect to this magical knowledge only those people that know from within, perhaps without words, that things can be done differently.

That it’s possible to create a different reality.

And that the home has an important role in the creation of life.
Building a home = Building a life


“Suddenly almost a year passed and then we reached the last session…thank you from the bottom of my heart, we were gifted a very special course – from a very special teacher! Thank you for investing in us, for the wish to see us as better Feng Shui consultants, the tools, the knowledge, and the approach you gave us. Thank you for the vision and understanding beyond the simple map combinations and for sharing the knowledge with us. Thank you for who you are and for what you gave us, with love, instructors course July 2008 graduates” Rina, Hemda, Esti, Irena, Ban Sheva, Sharon, Oren, and Elah. 
I am very happy and empowered for my decision to study with you. You communicate the material clearly and were born to teach. You granted me plenty of knowledge and not just in the subject of Feng Shui. I leave today with a lot of knowledge and much more confidence in myself and in my journey. You gave me many tools and the experiences that we had together have strengthened me on my journey. The practical experience was appreciated and even touching due to my past. Thank you for everything and I hope that our paths will meet again. Tali Mashev. 
Most human beings are busy with the knowledge of the physical word, what can be seen.
I call on those that know from within that the world has much more beyond materialism, to offer us. That there isn’t really material. Everything is built from energy. And if this is the true reality, what is the wisdom of knowing knowledge in the earthly dimension and not to understand how it is created through the energetic dimension?
Do you want to know the energetic model that created your home and affects every aspect of your life?
Does it interest you to become the alchemist of your life?
To turn energy into material and material into energy?
This course is suitable for anyone who loves working with people, for those whose home space speaks to her and is important to her, for those that design and aesthetics has always attracted her but looks for the beyond…for the one that feels a mission to show the way, to connect between people and homes.
This course isn’t suitable for everyone. It calls upon all those same people, that are looking to make a difference for themselves and for others. That hear the call of their hearts to live and to be in synch with all the powers there are. This knowledge will instill in you a new language to understand and to chose how to built the reality of your life.
For me this ancient and accurate knowledge is a way of life.
In the last 19 years the knowledge of the Feng Shui method has upgraded my life in every aspect and has brought me beyond any imagination I ever had…even all the way to the Caribbean…
All the experience and knowledge I gathered I will be happy to give also to you.
I built a unique course that combines the knowledge and the practical together. At its end, you can join my team for an expert class that will guide you and empower you in this new way you chose. You are not alone. Together we will build for all of us, a healthy word of life in prosperity.
This course is doubly unique, because in addition to the course granting you the applicable and practical tools so that at its completion you will gain a useful profession for life, there is another focus point that is unique and is not taught in this format in any other place: A specialization of accompanying private homes, businesses, public places and more…during construction and renovation.
This is not another course that aims to teach you a collection of random tools, just so that you know them and that you have a few more things that will collect dust on the shelf…this is a deep and encompassing course, that gives you the tools to apply the knowledge in practice, in the existing reality, in the creating out of nothing – not only the analysis of existing buildings and suggestions for improvement but a combining of choosing the lot, the plans and the execution. Additionally, throughout the course you will receive all the material in written form, and edited in a graphic format that eases the use of accurate information in the world.
More than that – the course will teach you how you could help others upgrade their life experience and create a better world by building a heathy and supportive environment.
That is why the choice is in your hands: to go the long and hard way spending years in long courses, to search and later learn at different teachers…or discover shortcuts – a thorough and deep training plan that includes sessions of theory and experience and guided practice sessions in apartments, homes, businesses, schools and more.
In 5 months you could enjoy a profession that has the power to change lives – yours and those of your clients!
If you are fit to be one of the people from a small and chosen group of serious people, that create their future with their own hands and aim to become experienced Feng Shui consultants with deep and applicable knowledge, that I am about to personally guide in the next 5 months (starting from October…),
To apply click here!
I learned that most people don’t know the laws of the universe at all. As weird as this sounds, when everything works as usual in our lives, the meaning is that we work with these laws in an efficient manner, but usually we are completely unaware of that. When you learn what these laws are and how to work with them, you will never go back to being who you are now.
The more the transformation in my life started to evolve, I knew that I could never go back to my old life. And in the same way you will also see that the changes you will go through in your lives resulting from the knowledge you will gain and apply on yourselves – a new way of life will open for you.
These are one of those opportunities in life that you really cannot allow yourselves to miss.
My vision is to build a healthy and supportive environment for as many people as possible, I am looking for partners for the way that will apply the knowledge I gained and the practical experience that I accumulated for their own personal good and for their surroundings. When you will apply the method principles, you will go through a transformation at levels you can’t currently imagine. And at the end, your investment with time and money will show you that your priorities in life are real, true, and crucial.
So what do you need to do now? Send your application and we will go from there. You will get a mail in reply that will approve your application and you will be invited to a private meeting with me where I will expose to you the details of the unique program I designed for you, how its built, is it really suitable for you, and what is the next step that you need to take. All you need to do now is to click here and to submit your application.
A bit about me – In the last 19 years I am learning and deepening research at the best teachers in the country and the world and applying in practice the Feng Shui method principles almost every day. I specialize in guiding the building and the renovation process of private homes, businesses and public institutions and with business consultancy regarding the structure itself and on the personal level – partnerships, suitable times for purchases/mergers/changes and more. Additionally, I created a curriculum for training consultants that includes theory and practical parts combined together. The course’s graduates report that they have gained a professional working tool, applicable and inspiring.
Among my clients: Discount Bank, CAL Visa Compay, Ehrlich & Fenster Inc. – Law Firm for Patents, Davidov Blumkine Inc. – International Tax Advisory, Naaman Inc. – Import and Export, Mei Ami – Gardening Inc., Mediways Medical Hi-tech, Municipality of Jerusalem – Seligsberg School, Ashkelon Beach Council – guiding of construction planning and designing of three schools, Yad Mordechai Kibbutz – renovation of existing buildings and designing of a community area, Matnas Modi’in – The Center for Infants…
The courses take place in my lovely home,
That was built according to the Feng Shui principles in Maccabim
20 meetings, between the hours 09:00 – 14:00, 100 study hours
The value of your investment by buying all this magic…is 12,800 shekels, you can pay with comfortable payments.
At the end of the course you can join my team in the experts’ class, a session of guided practical classes once a month, a supporting environment for you for every question on the way to your professional development with practical experience in complicated and interesting projects…
How does it get any better than that?
Does it resonate with you?
Do you feel the excitement in your stomach?
What are you waiting for?
Do you want a change?
Bring it…there is no better time than now!
Lian Nadav, Course Graduate July 2014:
My belief – there is no such thing as a weak student, there is only a teacher that doesn’t know how to teach…
What a gift! Sharona is an amazing teacher that explains the material in a fascinating way, patient and tolerant for all questions!! For me as a student it is clear that you are my master and that you do your work with true passion and with the belief that we can really make the world a better place! Thank you Sharona.
“Suddenly a year almost passed and we reach the final session…we were gifted a special and unique course – from a special instructor! Thank you for your investment in us, your desire to see us as better Feng Shui consultants, the tools, the knowledge and approach you gave us. The vision and understanding beyond the simple combination that’s on the map and the sharing of knowledge with us. Thank you for who you are and for what you gave us, with love, graduates of expert class, July 2008” Rina, Hemda, Esti, Irena, Ban-Sheva, Sharon, Oren and Ella.
“Sharona, the courses in my opinion were an amazing experience, I absorbed your knowledge in astonishment. Every practical part was a gem, where insights of the method secrets are created within it. At the end of every class I said thank you, for me being lucky that the universe summoned you for me as a guiding hand that grants me the knowledge in an understandable, methodical, and deep way. Every class was a celebration, which at its end I felt that I grasp knowledge and that the same layer on top of layer is created like a “cake with layers”…we reached the finish line so this is probably the call for me to continue on my own on this wonderful journey, with plenty of tools and with confidence, with the feeling that you will always be beside me. So although we are finishing the current journey, but I know deep within that you will continue to guide me in my additional journeys as my mentor. For this I grant you many thanks! With love, A.G.
“I am very happy and am convinced of my choice to learn with you. You teach the material with clarity and you were meant to teach. You granted me much knowledge and not only in the topic of Feng Shui. I am leaving today with plenty of knowledge and much more confidence in myself and in my path. You gave me many tools and experiences that we went through together that strengthened me in my journey. The practical experience was greatly appreciated and even touching considering my past experience. Thank you for everything and I hope our paths won’t break apart. Tali Masheb.
The course was interesting, leaves one wanting to discover and learn more, intriguing, presented in a clear and organized way, great teaching! The atmosphere was homey and comfortable. Thanks! Yana Kelman.
The course was very good. In my opinion we received the material in an excellent way that gives us the possibility to begin working in the real world while filling in the gaps and learning additional things. The experience was excellent, it’s a shame we didn’t do more! The course was very good, serious, and intensive, very interesting! The material was presented in a logical and clear way and the practice with the maps really gave a full and almost complete picture…the more practice – the better! With thanks and sincerely, Galia Shneer”
“The course is so good that I don’t have enough words to describe it. I wish that all my friends who learned with me the subject in other places – will come to Sharona Houri to learn and enjoy! The material we got was detailed, well organized and logical. Before the questions appeared – I already got the answers, fantastic! I got a stock of tools with which I can work! Thank you very much, Margarita Koren”
“This course was one of my best choices in the subject of learning. Other than you being educational, organized and methodical, you have plenty of knowledge, and the way you presented to us the idea in a lucid and clear way was fantastic. In my opinion it was an exceptional experience! I hope for you to continue because I am sure it’ll prove a huge asset for more students. Love very much, Eti Kleinman”
“A student is a student even if he is 50 years old!!!, the course was detailed, explained and practiced, the material was presented in the best way possible, I discovered that there is logic in maps and that they “talk” to me! Thanks, Aharon Pergon”
“I have to thank you personally for an amazing, professional, touching, encompassing course…I really enjoyed the course and the material that was presented by you in the best way possible and in the most professional and loving way…
To submit your application for the team, click here!
What else is possible for you?
How will your life look if you choose to join the course, in five years from now?
How will your life look in five more years if you don’t join the course?
Who will join me to be the change the world is asking for?
Who will allow you to listen to the call of your heart?
You are highly welcome to contact me and meet
Sharona Hadar Houri, Invitation to Prosperity
I have asked myself quite a lot, how I use the Access tools to empower the Feng Shui?
Thanks to my instructors’ course with my amazing students, I suddenly discovered what has been laying before me all this time…
The home, is a reflection of our choices, the conscious and those which are not.
If we chose to cope with difficulty in money, health, and relationships…
This will be expressed in the structure of the home…
We will attract a home where the dominant frequencies will affect our problems with relationships, health, and money…

What if there is no external reality?

What if the reality is projected from within us?

Like in Access, we have the ability to cancel the choices of the past and choose from new…
That is also so in the right of choice to use the accurate tools of the Feng Shui method…it is possible to build a blessed home that attracts prosperity, and that supports relationships, health, and the flow of money…

A home that surpasses any previous choice of ours to suffer…

With an experience of 20 years of research on the effects of the structured surrounding on the behavior of people, after testimonials of many clients throughout the years, on significant changes in all aspects of life after making the changes I suggested following the Feng Shui diagnosis, in homes, businesses, schools, and more…

Today I understand even more, just how meaningful this method and its uses are when planning healthy buildings and much more beyond that, on the ability to choose from new, to live in a building that is beyond any past choice, to suffer hardship. 
Wow, what an honor.

I am amazed…

How I love this magical method that has changed my life. It has opened to all of us the ability to live and to be beyond any past choice with ease…
The method of course relies on complicated formulas, but its application is genius in its simplicity…
Feng Shui, to live beyond any past choice
That is the secret of the magic

Feng Shui course


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