שרונה הדר חורי - Foundation or being

Foundation or being. That is the question…

“I can tell you that half a year after the Foundation's course, in retrospect, I understand how much my life has changed, mainly in the existence, the way in which things happen, in my approach to everything that happens around me and within me, everything became so simple, so accessibly, so natural…

There is no more room for drama in my life, when you understand that every story is just a story you told and nothing more, you stop giving these stories a place, released and get released and simply live your choices, which you allow yourself to change every ten seconds…how does it get any better than that?
In simple words, this is a life changing course, a turning point, after which you cannot go back to the old way of things…you’ve been warned…

And the instructor, the dear Sharona Hadar Houri, Turns the course materials into actual magic thanks to her amazing and joy filled personality, happiness and endless excitement to show the light to as many people as possible! Highly recommended!!! What else is possible?”

The fundamentals course of Access Consciousness, the flagship course for creating change in what we call our “reality”…
None of your limitations are real. They are all a choice, nothing is set ahead of time and nothing is set in stone.
Every choice creates.
What will the choice in the Access Consciousness Foundation's choice create for you future?


What do you learn in the Foundation's course?
Not the Foundation's of the method…your Foundation's

What are the Foundation's?
A point of view that we adopted as our truth, that dictate our lives, that usually aren’t truly ours since if we would’ve chosen out of real free choice, not sure that we would’ve chosen them again…
We will learn to identify them and how to break all the barriers we created from them and begin to conduct ourselves in a different way with tools and techniques that will continue with you for your day to day.
The goal of access is to bring us to a point of enough consciousness to create a change within us, so that we can grow the possibility to change the trauma, the drama and the craziness that exists in our lives.

What could have been if the world were a more conscious place?
Would the ruin, the wars and the struggles continue to exist?
In the presence of consciousness, these things cannot happen.
What does the future that you want to create ask from you every day?
What can we do today to create the future that we ask for ourselves?

“You are the origin of the change you are striving to create. You need to be ready to be the change.” Gary Douglas/Founder of the Access Consciousness  
The course that allows one to be freed from the Foundation's – the limiting points of view to the existing reality and become a platform – a real of power and empowerment.

The new Foundation's course is built in inspiringly genius simplicity. Different from everything before.
An additional bonus for whoever will choose to learn with me, a combination with analysis of the personal map according to the “four pillars of destiny” and what if you can choose from the beginning? Everything?
For people who feel that they came to the world to make a change, I have a tool that can empower you.
The course takes place across 4 days, at my place or yours…
Between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00
Value of your investment 5850 shekels

Ready to be the change?
When I asked them how the Foundation's course was for them in one sentence, they answered:
For whoever is in doubt, call…
And also:
Tons of practical tools for upgrading of our existence here and now…”
“I woke up to this wonderful morning after 4 days of the Foundation's course from Access Consciousness with Sharona Hadar Houri.
I thank you god for everything! I thank you for all the discovery and discoverable in every moment.
I thank myself on the ability to be here and now with the light and power.
I thank you Tomer my love for the endless enabling, the partnered stride here and everywhere.
I thank you Orly Venger where in your lovely realm I met Sharona Hadar Houri.
I thank you the loved Sharona Hadar Houri for amazing days, on you being an endless existence of light. Powerful, empowering, professional, full of love.
Magical days with you Sharona.
How great it is that I know there’ll be more and more and more
Thank you very much.
What else is possible for me?
How does it get any better than that?
Is now the time for a change?
What does your future ask from you to be now?
Invitation to Prosperity
Sharona Hadar Houri

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