שרונה הדר חורי - How to be at ease in the body

Dancing with the body

What if it is possible to be in a happier body?

How then will our future look?

If you would know that the judgements of your body, all the abuse is stopping your ability and willingness to also receive money, I wonder what you
would choose to do?
Since I’ve been playing with the questions of how to become money also on the body, the weight and food…the creation of money of both me and my partner has multiplied and beyond, my weight has been going down at an irrational pace with ease and fun…

how does it get any better than that?
In the day workshop, 09:00 – 18:00 we will unfold all that you will allow to set free. Through 13 questions, which we will answer intuitively, we will acknowledge and recreate our points of view about our bodies.

The workshop will generate change for anyone whose body self-image is less than a “godly work of art”…

For those whose weight has become a burden…for those that eat out of emotion, to feel alive…and so much more beyond…


“It was great and question evoking and a motivator for consciousness.”  
“I’m at ease with my body and breathing, wow, this is me, what else is possible?”  


“Sharona, I’m happy and excited to share with you that since the workshop I lost with ease, and without noticing, 4-5 kilos. Highly recommend. I attribute this success to your workshop. Thank you.”
In the workshop you will get a variety of tools and clearing questions which you could use for any subject you’d like to change.

The value of your investment for the creation of more ease in your body is 300

I wonder what this workshop will open up for all of us? I am enthusiastic to find out…

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I am here, of service of the creation, to be a change in the world.
A bigger change than any that has been here before…and you?
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